AJA Virtual PA

Professional and efficient administration support without the overheads.


AJA Virtual PA offers comprehensive administration support to busy Financial Advisors. Professional and efficient, we offer flexible working hours and love tight deadlines. Please click here to see a list of our services.

AJA Virtual PA was founded in 2015 by Tina Randles who has over 30 years experience in banking as a branch manager and mortgage and investment advisor with Santander and Chelsea Building Society.


You can rely on AJA Virtual PA for the following services:

  • discreet and confidential administration of your office functions
  • highly professional customer liaison and communications
  • diary management and scheduling
  • on-site or remote working
  • flexible working hours, to meet your requirements


AJA Virtual PA is here to help. We are happy to meet with you face to face or liaise with you via the phone or email to provide a service that’s right for you.

"Having Tina on board has probably made the biggest difference to me. She can do the stuff I’m rubbish at so much quicker than me, plus she is as organised as hell and I really need that. So thank you for the introduction!"


You can contact us in a variety of ways - we would love to hear from you!